We Write Tools, Not Tragedies

  I used to work at an AutoZone when I was in college. I really liked working on my car (at the time, a Ford Taurus SHO, which I loved), and AutoZone gave me the ability to earn a little extra cash while learning a little more about cars, and by extension, a little more

Unit Test Golf: ManagEnv

I have an open source project on GitHub I wrote called ManagEnv. I wrote it about a year and a half ago to deal with some problems I was having automatically deploying code while environment variables were being added and changed by developers. Obviously we try not to keep these in source control, so it

On to Something Different

Originally Published 2016-04-26 Someone once said: It was real. it was fun. It was real fun. Last night the company I had been working for and I parted ways. It has definitely been a rocky road. There were many times I was overwhelmed, frustrated, and upset. A lot of times I wanted to just give

Check This Out. Part 3

Originally Posted 2016-03-05 Where were we…. Alright, we added a Customer! So long as that went well, we’ll get a response from the call to add or update. The response carries a SOAP response full of information. So long as it went well, you can get the internalId of the object you created or updated.

Check This Out: Part 2

Originally Published 2016-01-13 Alright, so we got the data we need out of NetSuite to create an order form. Those pieces of data are Items, Price Levels, and Billing Schedules. Throw a couple radio buttons down, ask for a Credit Card number, and we’re done! Well, so we thought. First, you’ll notice some interesting behavior when